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Roman Empire - The Roman Timeline


In 55BC Julius Caesar made his first attempt to invade Britain and again in 54 BC, but was put off by the British warriors and the terrible weather.

44BC In 44 BC Julius Caesar was murdered by a group of senators who said he had too much power.
43AD In 43 AD Emperor Claudius sent in another Roman army and this time they were successful. Claudius came to Britain to lead the final attack with elephants! Roman Britain began.
47AD 47AD First Roman town was set up at Colchester. The Romans settlers 'taxed' the British in order to get money to build roads, baths and towns.
60AD In 60AD a British tribe revolted against the strict rule of the Romans. These battles were led a lady called Boudicca. Although she had more soldiers, the Romans were well trained and the Britians were again defeated. In the end Boudicca poisoned herself.
117AD In 117AD Hadrian was made Emperor. He had plans to conquer Scotland.
122AD In 122AD Hadrian ordered the building of a great wall to defend his forts in York. We now know this as Hadrian's Wall. It took 8 years to build and is 115km long.


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