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World War II - Investigate real World War II artefacts

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Let's find out about some real World War II artefacts. You can see lots more objects on display at Birmigham Museum and Art Gallery.

A.R.P. Warden's first aid case. This is a black box with gold lettering on the lid.

A picture of the inside of the A.R.P.  box - it's packed with useful items like bandages and scissors.

A.R.P. Warden's first aid case
This is an Air Raid Warden's first aid kit used in Birmingham in the second world war.

Air Raid Wardens were an organised team of volunteers who did some very important jobs. For example they made sure people were safe in air raid shelters, gave the injured first aid and made sure everyone turned off their lights during a blackout.

The contents of this first aid case include a bottle of Dettol, rubber adhesive plaster, first aid dressings, scissors, splints, bandages and safety pins.

A photo of a bomb. The picture shows the tail end with the front section blown away.

A Bomb
This bomb was dropped on Birmingham during World War II during the Blitz. The Blitz is the name we give to a terrible time of bombing. Birmingham had 27 enemy raids, over 2,000 people were killed and 3,000 were seriously injured. Many of the attacks were aimed at factories that made supplies for the wars like the Castle Bromwich aeroplane factory.

An evacuee's small suitcase. It's brown and tatty with the letters E M P written on the front.

An Evacuees Suitcase
When the war broke out many children were evacuated, or sent away, from Birmingham so that they would be safe. Each child was allowed to take one small suitcase with its belongings.

This suitcase belonged to Eileen Piercy when she was evacuated to Cheltenham in 1939.Her father engraved her initials on the case and wrote her identity number on the inside. She remembers carrying her new school uniform in her case.

A stirrup pump standing up in a red bucket.

A Stirrup Pump

This artefact was used to put out a fire in a Second World War house. The pump was placed into a bucket of water. A metal leg hung over the side of the bucket, this was stood on to keep the pump steady. The handle was pumped up and down to send the water out of a long, flexible pipe. The water was then squirted on the fire.

A photo of a large group of children walking along the station platform. They each have labels hung around their necks and all carry a little luggage bag.

Images of Birmingham - Photo 1

A picture of children being evacuated from the city. Taken at Snow Hill Station in 1939.

The photo shows some terraced houses ruined by bombs.

Images of Birmingham - Photo 2

A house in Sutton Street, Birmingham, demolished by bombs.

This photo shows a few men cutting up some metal railings. There are lots of people gathered around to watch.

Images of Birmingham - Photo 3

The railings at St Philip's Cathedral.
- Metal was collected, melted down and used to make weapons.

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