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World War II - Timeline

1939 Sept

In September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany. The first evacuation took place - 25,241 children were evacuated from Birmingham alone.

1940 Jan In January 194O food rationing was introduced because it was so difficult to import food. People were encouraged to grow their own food in gardens and allotments.
1940 June In June 1940 a second evacuation was organised. This time 620, 000 children left the cities and the south-east of England.
1940 Sept In September 1940, the Blitz on Britain began. The Blitz is the name given to 9 of months bombing that Britain's towns and cities received during the war.
1941 June In June 1941 clothes rationing was introduced. People had to 'Make Do and Mend' and recycle old clothing instead of buying new items.
1942 In 1942 the government introduced 'utility clothes'. These clothes were made in a special way to save material. They gave strict rules for the number of buttons and pleats, and men's socks could not be more than 22cm long.
1944 In 1944, the third and last evacuation took place when the German army began to fire V1 missiles at London - these were also called 'doodlebugs'.
1945 May On May 8th 1945 VE (Victory in Europe) Day was declared. People had street parties, bonfires and played music to celebrate.


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